Walk in their shoes ….


ACLU effect’ is to blame for Chicago’s sharp rise in crime, study says

Because of the dramatic video of Laquan McDonald being shot 16 times by Chicago police officers, an agreement was reached between the Chicago Police Department and the ACLU to handle criminals with kid gloves, in an attempt not to make the natives angry.

By 2016, the foolish plan was implemented requiring street cops to fill out contact cards with enhanced detail explaining why individuals were stopped, essentially making the cops job more difficult than it already was.  The cards have 70 entries, some in essay form.

End Result:
About 100,000 stops were recorded for all of 2016, an 82 percent decrease from 600,000 the previous year. For the same time period, gun violence spiked – 754 people were killed in Chicago, a 58 percent increase from 480 the previous year. The study concludes Chicago endured 1,100 additional shootings from the previous year.
This weekends count: Chicago’s bloody weekend sees at least 40 people shot, 4 of them killed


Statistics: https://heyjackass.com/

I have often AXED the question and still do not have an answer from a credible source.  What kind of conditions would these bleeding hearted PC-ers want if they were the people in uniform?  Would they want the upper hand and the advantage over the criminal or in their liberal-minded pea-brains, want the gangs to be holding all the aces as they have imposed on the cops??

I really blame the city leaders for agreeing to these kinds of terms. BUTT, look at who is at the helm. One of Obama’s old henchmen. He is another pathetic piece of liberal work.


As a consequence of this ridiculous agreement, the cops do not want to spend half a day filling out paper work for each person they stop for being suspicious. The thugs know this and have upped their game, because the cops are not stopping them with such frequency.

Makes a lot of sense to me. The ACLU and the leaders in the Windy City just gave the thugs a pass to carry guns and commit crimes.

I grant you that there should be some sort of observations put on the cops to keep the bad ones in line, BUTT to restrict them from doing their jobs efficiently because the ACLU doesn’t care for the rules, that is nonsense.  Let the ACLU fools walk the beat with the cops in these crime ridden areas for a few days and then we can AXE them how they feel about their hair-brained policies.

If they want to keep better tabs on the cops; it can be done electronically in less than 20 seconds. The cop sends a verbal message over his city issued phone, along with the picture of the person they stopped into a central location.


Pretty simple HUH?? That took me less than 10 seconds to come up with a fool-proof solution that makes everyone happy.  Or will what’s his name, Rahmy and his left over homies from the 60’s, the rejects in the ACLU, find a problem with my suggestion?? Probably.



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