Its a bird – its a plane- no it is a bomb carrying drone …

Venezuela drone attack: Here’s what happened with Nicolas Maduro

The heads of state/law makers still don’t get it. Drones in the hands of good, well-intended people can be pleasurable, fun, life saving and have so many other beneficial uses. BUTT in the hands of nutcase and nefarious fools, they can be deadly. I don’t think the risk of having to make that guess is worth the potential dangers.

I have written at least a dozen post on the danger of these funny looking flying machines.


Who is to say there is not a bomb in the box??

The ONLY people who should be allowed to use them are medical people, cops, military and for emergency purposes. All other should be banned or restricted to designated areas for the DRONIES to fly their little asses off.

This incident in Venezuela could have ended a lot worse than it did.

Venezuela drone attack on Nicolas Maduro: What happened?

2 hours ago – WASHINGTON – Two drones packed with explosives reportedly flew toward Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Saturday night in what the government has described as a failed assassination attempt. … Assailants launched two drones filled with a total of more than four pounds of …

Man arrested for landing ‘radioactive’ drone on Japanese Prime … › News › World › Asia

Apr 25, 2015 – Japanese police inspect the small drone, covered with a blue sheet, which was landed on the roof of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s …

BUTT like anything else, it takes a disaster for any politician before they get off of their Prim-a-donna keesters to make a decision. They ALWAYS wait until the bridge collapses and kill 30 people before they look into the repair of them.


The word Pro-Active is not in their vocabulary. Procrastination is their CREDO.

Folks, it is alway$ the dollar$ behind making decision$. There have been some studies on how much is spent on drones a year, both for military use and civilian.

In “Drones Reporting for Work”, published in 2016, Goldman Sachs, a bank, argued that drones are becoming “powerful business tools”. It predicted that of the total of $100bn likely to be spent on both military and civilian drones between 2016 and 2020, the commercial segment would be the fastest-growing, notably in construction (accounting for $11.2bn), agriculture ($5.9bn), insurance ($1.4bn) and infrastructure inspection ($1.1bn). Oppenheimer, another bank, predicts that the commercial market “will ultimately contribute the majority of UAV industry revenues”.

110 billion. Lets say for the sake of argument, 40% of that number is for civilian use. That equates 440,000,000$. Now we know why there has not been a ban on the use of the upside-down egg beaters.

Will there ever be any restrictions set up to protect the public from the menaces? ?? That all depends on how high the government official or their family is that get vaporized by a drone carrying a ray-gun. If they are low-level, the government will set up a committee to make a 3 years study for the feasibility of passing a bill banning them. If the fatality is upper level, only then they MAY make a move.




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