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Ray Lewis urges togetherness in Hall of Fame speech after Randy Moss’ political statement

“Are you living every day to make this world better?” Lewis asked Saturday night at the end of his 33-minute oratory, often invoking the teachings of Martin Luther King. “Think what we can do if we work together as a country … teaching our nation to love each other again.

Speeches like Lewis’s is exactly what the doctor ordered, more direction, example and dialog from sports figures and celebs that strive for peace instead of continuing the war between the races.

As the old saying goes; talk is cheap.  In addition to the encouragement speeches, these role models have to live/each/guide by example.

Lewis is no stranger to breaking the law, BUTT he may have turned himself around and wants to help change the lives of many of the kids that idolize him.


Lewis pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice in connection with the stabbing deaths of two men in 2000. The following season, he won the NFL Defensive Player of the Year and led the Ravens’ record-setting defense to victory in Super Bowl XXXV.

Murder trial

Following a Super Bowl XXXIV party in Atlanta on January 31, 2000, a fight broke out between Lewis and his companions and another group of people, resulting in the stabbing deaths of Jacinth Baker and Richard Lollar. Lewis and two companions, Reginald Oakley and Joseph Sweeting, were questioned by Atlanta police, and 11 days later the three men were indicted on murder and aggravated-assault charges. The fight occurred about 200 yards from the Cobalt Lounge at 265 East Paces Ferry Road in the Buckhead Village neighborhood about two miles north of downtown Atlanta where Lewis had been celebrating.[43][44] The white suit Lewis was wearing the night of the killings has never been found. Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard alleged the blood-stained suit was dumped in a garbage bin outside a fast food restaurant.[45] A knife found at the scene did not have any fingerprints or DNA. Lewis subsequently testified that Oakley and Sweeting had bought knives earlier in Super Bowl week from a Sports Authority where Lewis had been signing autographs.[44][46] Baker’s blood was found inside of Lewis’s limousine.[47]

Two weeks into the trial Lewis’s attorneys, Don Samuel and Ed Garland, negotiated a plea agreement with the District Attorney where the murder charges against Lewis were dismissed in exchange for his testimony against Oakley and Sweeting,[48] and his guilty plea to a misdemeanor charge of obstruction of justice.[11] Lewis admitted he gave a misleading statement to police on the morning after the killings (initially telling them that he was not at the scene).[49] Superior Court Judge Alice D. Bonner sentenced Lewis to 12 months’ probation. One year in prison is the maximum sentence for a first-time offender,[50] and the immediate probation was the judge’s decision. He was also fined $250,000 by the NFL, which was believed to be the highest fine levied against an NFL player for an infraction not involving substance abuse.[51] Under the terms of the sentence, Lewis could not use drugs or alcohol during the duration of the probation.

I am the first one that recognizes that people make mistakes in their life, BUTT as bad as they may have been, it is NEVER too late to turn IT around.  That seems to be the case in Lewis’s situation.

As I have said so many times before and will continue to say; if for no other reason, racial harmony has to be achieved and put to rest for our future generations.  No one in their right mind would want to see the conditions in this country still existing 10 – 20 or 50 years from now.

I think it would make a hell of a difference if Lewis and his athlete/celeb supporters ban together as a group and demonstrate by setting up seminars and work-shops, that it is possible to make it if a person is EDUCATED properly.

BUTT, always the Big BUTT, it all has to begin at home. It seems to me, beginning at home is a bigger challenge than trying to unite the athletes.

We all know that each and every one of us are products of our environment/how we were raised.  If we are taught that 3 + 4 = 9 all our lives, that is what we will believe.  The most productive ways of getting any message across is EDUCATION and by example.

Let me clarify my conception of EDUCATION as I see it. Long before the mathematics enter our lives, not referring to 3 + 4 = 7; I am referring to, teaching respect, loyalty, patriotism, self-worth, honesty, honor, integrity, all taught by example, and a few more I may have missed. That is my definition of  EDUCATION.  Without those basics, all we have is an pack of unorganized thugs stumbling around in  life with no positive direction.

If any person, regardless of what socioeconomic background they come from, is taught to practice these characteristics from birth, they will be guaranteed to bat 1,000 for the reat oftheir lives. That is the definition of EDUCATION.

I commend Lewis and the others like him that want to make a difference. BUTT, always the Big BUTT; talk is cheap – put your actions where your mouth is – teach by example.

I am positive, if a large enough group of these honorable men and women banded together and sought PDT’s help in their mission, PDT would definitely assist them financially to get SOMETHING GOING. The USA pisses away enough $oldi in other areas that does not benefit our country. I think helping our kids financially to become all of the above is one of the most important missions/issues this country can focus on.  They are our future leaders.

Let’s say; instead of rolling Boulders back and forth at one another; the fools in DC put their empty heads together and their worthless efforts into a more suitable cause instead of the nonsense they embarked on ever since PDT put his hand on the bible. After millions of man hours and maybe billions of dollar$, they are still at a stalemate.

Does anyone disagree. If so, they are &%$# **^%#^&((%@$^$^& and more.

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