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Black pastors see Trump bringing ‘new hope’ — but still need to convince their flocks

Two black Christian pastors who were among a group of religious leaders meeting with President Trump at the White House this week are now facing backlash from congregants back home.

The Rev. Phillip Goudeaux of Calvary Christian Center in Sacramento, Calif., and the Rev. John Gray, head of Relentless Church in Greenville, S.C., came under fire from critics who say Trump’s policies have harmed the black community.

But at Wednesday’s event, dubbed “Meeting with Inner City Pastors,” many of the pastors who attended expressed sympathetic views toward Trump, with one pastor — the Rev. Darrell Scott, of Cleveland — calling Trump “the most pro-black president we’ve had in our lifetime.” 

It is legitimate good people like Rev. Goudeaux and  Rev. John Gray  want peace between races. Rebel-rouses like Sharpless , Jackson and their crew that do not. If peace was ever achieved, Sharpless and his kind might have to go find a real job.  As it stands now, all they do is fire their people up, telling them how the white man is screwing them so they continue to drop those dead presidnets in the collection basket.

Read this and tell me Sharpless is beyond reproach. With a rap sheet like he has, who is he to roll boulders at anyone??

There is no denying their deplorable history and the brutal times the black people went through because of ignorance. Some of the same conditions still exist today. BUTT the vast majority of all white people do want peace between the races and are making a  concerted effort to bring that about. PDT is right out front as the leader of the parade.

Rev. Scott laid it right on the line. Scott slammed former President Barack Obama for not trying to “prove something to our community” because “he got a pass.”

As we would expect, the two preachers sentiments were not well received by many in the black community.  They are the people with blinders on that do not want to acknowledge that PDT is the people’s president and is working to make the lives of all Americans better.

One of the attributes I admire about PDT.  Regardless of how much $oldi he has stanched away, he can relate to all the people, rich and poor.  Unlike Obama that had a personal agenda, PDT is out to serve all Americans. BUTT if the naysayers refuse to take off the blinders off and continue to be controlled by the rebel-rousers, there is little chance of uniting all people to work for the same goal. Peace between all races.

I have said this many times. If the public does not care about itself, at least have some concern and consideration for the kids coming up. Do we want them to live in the same ignorant manner we have??  If you say yes to that, you are a bigger fool than I thought.


Don’t forget one very important element about our mission in life. We do not have to like or love anyone; just RESPECT them.

Listen to Aretha and the Revs.



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