The guy must be on crack ….

Anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok insisted on preserving his security clearance and powers he held as a deputy assistant director at the agency before joining Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team, newly released emails show. AUSM

That would be worse than leaving your horny brother-in-law alone in your crib with your wife when you were out-of-town for a month.  Allowing Strzok to maintain his same status after he got the boot is ridiculous.

Any successful leader has to be surrounded by faithful, trustworthy people. Without the faithful/honorable grunts (infantry men) in the forefront, all military institutions would be SOL. It is not so much the leader that makes the company/organization great, it is the support group.

There is no room for a Judas/disloyal foe in any organization; let alone still allowing them full exposure to the sensitive information they once had.


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Same-o Same-o.


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