The colonel can’t be that stupid, or is he???

Bernie Sanders’ ‘Medicare for all’ bill estimated to cost $32.6T, new study says

Gotta be a lot of mentally challenged  fools out there that will support this nutcase hoping to cash in on his insanity.


There is one 4 letter word that fools like Colonel Sanders and his supporters seem to want to ignore. WORK. Where in the hell do they expect to get all of the $oldi to $upport their preposterou$ pipe dream$ if no one has to work for a living?? He is starting to sound like his cousin Barrack, the universal income guy.

I just might throw my cover (military for hat) in the mix and promise everyone lazy bum in the USA that espouses to this low level mentality, a new Bentley – a fully furnished 15,000 sq. ft. mansion – universal income as Obama has and see if I can scrounge up enough votes to have these dummies put me in the Big Chair.

Where in the name of pasta fagoli do these con-men like Sanders come from?? They all know all good and well that their outrageous promises, just as they are, are all hot air, BUTT the continue to try to bull-shit there way into the Casa Bianca and make them anyway. A 32.6 trillion proposal – medicare for all. GMAFB. I am sure that this impossible proposal appeals to all the mental midgets out there that function on the same level as Sanders does.

If Bernie REALLY believes in what he is touting, he is the 1st one that should run over, as fast as he can to see his SAW BONES with his Medicare card in hand and get a brain scan.  The guy is a mad-man.





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