Start making examples out of these animals …


New details surface in case of college student, 20, who vanished after going for a late-night jog: report

Mollie Tibbetts, the 20-year-old who vanished earlier this month after heading out for a jog, may have returned to her boyfriend’s house and evidence reportedly suggested she was doing homework late on the night she disappeared.

This is a BROKEN RECORD that keeps playing the same old very sad song. It seems that no one has figured out how to shut that record player off.

I can tell you from where I sit; whatever the penalty for these crimes is, they sure are not getting the message loud and clear.  There has to be some way of deterring these animals that are committing these crimes, making them think twice before they act.  Possibly public executions – for sure mandatory castration – dissect them one piece at a time, something drastic so the ones that are waiting in the wings may have second thoughts about committing the crimes.  Whatever they are doing now is not sending the proper message.

Penalties as I am suggesting may not turn the heads of all of the sickos, BUTT I can assure you that many of them would be reluctant to act seeing what the consequences can be.

It is heart breaking to see young ladies like Mollie becoming victims of these sick bastards.


I think possibly better than all of my suggestions, turn the scum-bags over to the victim’s family to exact the justice they deserve. A life for a life is not fair to the victim, BUTT the message the authorities will be sending will certainly open some eyes.

My heart breaks for all of the victims and their families imagining all of the torture and mental anguish they go through. ANDDDDD, what do some crackpots say; it is gods way!! GMAFB

I question the sanity of any fool that would make a statement like that.


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