Who needs enemies when they have friends like this??

Omarosa ready to exact revenge on Trump White House in tell-all book due Aug. 14

PDT may be very sharp in doing deals and intuitive in some areas, BUTT picking friends, associates and cabinet staff is where he is lacking.

He has had a slew of cut-throat characters he surrounded himself with that stabbed him in the back when the going got a little rough.

That is how we can tell a true friend. Not when times are good, BUTT who is still standing behind you when things go sour.

Now The Queen of Mean, Omarosa is jumping on the bandwagon.

She wrote a tell all book that is coming out shortly that she claims will be hair-raising.


Gallery Books announced Thursday that “Unhinged: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House,” being rushed out for an Aug. 14 release, will be an “explosive, jaw-dropping account.”  

The former aide to the president, who according to insider media reports was fired in December 2017 and removed “kicking and screaming” from the premises (she says she resigned), will deliver “a stunning tell-all and takedown” that is a “must-read for any concerned citizen,” the publisher’s breathless news release promised.

So far, PDT has had personal friends, attorneys, celebs, news people, acquaintances he has known for years that tries to put the blocks to him. Who needs enemies with friends like them??

It is like the fastest gun in the West.  When someone is in any top positions, especially in the most corrupted occupation in the world, politics, there always is the young gun-slinger  that comes to town trying  to take them out. We can call it the nature of the beast and it goes with the territory.

In all of my lifetime, I have never seen anyone that is hated and disrespected by so many people as PDT is and all the guy is doing, is trying to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

Does it really matter what The Donald did when he was sewing his oats? He never committed a serious crime. All that matters to me is, he does the job he promised he would and do what he was elected for.  In comparison to many others that sat in The Big Chair, I think he is doing a great job.

One critical issue he needs to work on; is learn how to make better choices choosing friends and associates.  His batting average in that department is in the basement.

As far as Omarosa and the other backstabbers go, they are a dime a dozen.  They all are out for the buck$ and would sell their Grandma for a dime if it meant it would benefit them personally.

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