Toronto shooting rampage: New details emerge about gunman Faisal Hussain

Toronto shooting rampage: New details emerge about gunman Faisal Hussain

I think his Muslim name tells the tale.

I would like to ask PC Trudeau how he feels about Muslim people that are sympathetic to terrorism.

If it were not a fact that people like Faisal Hussein we’re not permitted to be in Canada, butt because of the PC pathetic prime minister mentality, deadly situations like this are destined  to happen.

No one should prevent foreign people from attempting to gain citizenship to Canada or any other country, butt it should only be feasible after intensive vetting.

If one person’s life can be saved by going through the proper channels, it would be worth the effort.

There was no way there should be an open border policy allowed in any country. All they are doing is putting the citizens of that country in extremely dangerous positions.

What does Trudeau tell the families of all the victims?? Being that people like him, in their opinion are never wrong, it is hard to tell what his sentiments are.

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