USA TODAY: Ohio State: At least 100 claim abuse by doctor

Whatever happened to beating the shit out of someone that is trying to molest you?

Some of these kids had of be of age where they were big enough and strong enough to do that. Many of them we’re wrestlers weightlifters football players lacrosse players and the kind that certainly had the ability to subdue this piece of excrement.

100 of them and it was concealed for years???

Why did it take so long for these incidents to surface.

It is getting to the point that these allegations are outrageous. Not that they did not happen, butt it has taken years for someone to blow the whistle on these people.

The other degenerate doctor molested a hundred forty-one girls and his dastardly Deeds were not revealed for years.

Incidents like this should be immediately reported and immediately attended to.

There was something absolutely wrong with the system for letting so much time to elapse between the physical attacks and the time it took to bring these degenerate to Justice.

Now back in the 80s and 90s there is some speculation that is many as 1500 to 2500 kids were molested by this maggot.

Come on ladies and gents, does anyone but me see something wrong with this overall picture.

These numbers are absolutely absurd.

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