What is her point??

Sports Illustrated swimsuit model breastfeeds baby while walking down the runway

Stop the presses; BIGGEST SCOOP of the day!! With all of the note worthy worlds events going on, we are talking about some models boob.

Hooray and hallelujah. Some runway model had one of her hooters hanging out.  I wonder if this is the fist time one of those bashful ladies flashed anyone, on purpose or accidentally??  Some celebs have a knack for getting attention when their popularity is on the skids.


I usually say that people like Mara Martin who like to expose themselves in public are signifying. Either she is an exhibitionist or  is trying to garner some attention, using her hungry kid as a prop, breastfeeding her while she is strutting up and down the runway.


What is the big deal? Why so much attention to breastfeeding?  What is she modeling, her boobs or the outfit she is wearing. Is this demonstration out-of- line? It depends on who we axe.

BUTT, if such a big deal wasn’t made about the act of breastfeeding, it would not be such a questionable/taboo topic. It is the oldest method of feeding in human history.  If there wasn’t such a fuss over it, no one would pay attention.  I say flop that tuffy out wherever Ma Ma feel comfortable and let the little tyke chow-down.

On the other side of the coin, sad to say, there are women out there that are exhibitionist who get a little high out of exposing themselves in the name of breastfeeding.  If you notice, most of them have that little smirk on their face during chow-time.

How long does it take to walk the runway? About 30 seconds? Did the kid need to be fed exactly then and there? Could Ma Ma have waited 30 seconds longer to feed her daughter?? The fact is she wanted to make a statement of some sort.

Can it be in the near future, the producers of one of the modeling gigs will allow a real-time birth by one of their models. Never say nerve.


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