USA TODAY: House panel starts probe of VA nursing homes

I say privatize the Veterans Administration. Butt, based on some of the service I see lately even in the private sector it is nothing to brag about. Medicine in general is going down the tubes. It is all about the buck and then, maybeeeeee the patient’s care.

It has become a very lucrative occupation, instead of a dedication like in days of old.

So much for modern advancements.

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  1. All true. Corrupt! Corrupt! Corrupt!America has gone down the tube. Every military person should realize that giving their lives to the U.S. is a waste as in Vietnam

    • I guess the old cliche; take care of who takes care of you, is long gone, along with all of our other old school values.

      • This is a worldwide situation. Something is going to happen. Notice to, people are not taking strong stands against the evils. The evil is confusing because it pacifies some people by hiding truths within lies and services within the acts of a disservice. Oh well!!

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