Way over-blown

‘Papa John’ Schnatter claims he was ‘pushed’ to use n-word


Pa Pa said he was pissed off and was forced to use the n-word.  I can buy that.  How many people say things when they are mad they would not say in a normal conversation??

Do I feel sorry for John?? Not really; BUTT I think he was unfairly made into a sacrificial  lamb and was hung out to dry. Or possibly the executive board at the pizza palace was looking for a reason to shit can him anyway and this made it easy for them.

In all fairness, I  really don’t think there are too many people on the planet that haven’t  used the n-word at one time or the other.

On Friday afternoon, Schnatter, in an interview on WHAS, a Louisville radio station, said he was pressured to use the N-word during the conference call.

“The agency was promoting that vocabulary … They pushed me. And it upset me,” he told host Terry Meiners.

“It’s caused a lot of grief for my community, for my university,” Schnatter noted. “My employees are distraught, they’re crushed, and it’s all because I was sloppy and I wasn’t as sensitive. It’s the same mistake I made on the NFL comments.”

The executive caught flak in January when he said Papa John’s, a longtime NFL sponsor, saw its sales get dinged because of the league’s players’ national anthem kneeling protest.

Those comments led to him stepping down as CEO — and the NFL cutting ties to the chain.

Some of the black people use the n-word with great frequency and think nothing of it. IFFF it is so offensive to them, they should put their heads together and decide to set an example for all of us honkies to follow and practice what they preach.

In an effort to claim their identity, I have heard many blacks claim the n-word  is their word and only they can use it. I disagree; if it is distasteful for one race it should be distasteful regardless of who uses it.

Take it from Al:


I don’t think the one time pizza king will be missing any meals.

Papa John’s founder: How much is he worth? – Courier-Journal

“Papa John” Schnatter started 2017 with a net worth estimated at $1 billion by Forbes, but that dropped to $801 million by November.

As part of his severance package, John is getting a lifetime certificate for all the pizza he can eat.

Hold the anchovies on mine!!



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