Think it can’t ever happen to you – until it does

American woman killed in Mexico after U.S. issues travel warnings

The US State department does NOT issue do not go to travel alerts just for the hell of it.

Police in Mexico are investigating the murder of an American tourist hit by a stray bullet in Mexico City. Tatiana Mirutenko of San Francisco was leaving a restaurant with her husband and two friends Saturday morning when she was shot. Police say two men on a motorcycle were aiming for a bar bouncer who was at the same restaurant. The bouncer was hit, but survived.

Mirutenko, 27, was in Mexico celebrating her first wedding anniversary and had just told her family how safe she felt. The restaurant where Mirutenko was shot was located in an upscale neighborhood.

“We’ve traveled to Mexico all of our lives,” Mirutenko’s father, Wasyl, said. “Tania has probably been there at least 30 times.”

According to the latest figures from the Mexican government, 2017 was the nation’s deadliest year on record, with more than 25,000 murders. Earlier this year, the U.S. State Department issued a travel ban to five Mexican states, the same warning issued to war-torn countries like Syria, Afghanistan and Somalia.

Popular tourist destinations Ixtapa and Acapulco are in those “do not travel” zones. The government also warns tourists to “exercise increased caution” when visiting Cancun, Cozumel, Playa del Carmen and Mexico City.

I still maintain; don’t go where you don’t belong. Heed the words of authorities as to what areas are restricted and which are safe.

The gangs/drug dealers and banditos south of the boarder have no regard or respect for human life.  They most probably love their guard dogs more than their mother.

There were more the 25,000 people killed last year in Mexico; a number I am sure the gangs/drug dealers and banditos are very proud of. Personally, I say, let them kill each other off in their drug/turf wars and do not investigate the crimes. It is a waste of the good Peso.

Tourist all over the world should X-out Mexico as one of their tourists destinations.  Taking a chance of traveling there is not worth the risk. The caution areas have spread all over the country. A person does not have to be in the ghetto to get killed. Now some of the main attraction cities are under fire.

Mexico is a GREAT example of NOT nipping it in the bud.  When the gangs started out, the authorities figure they would keep an eye on them and they would peter-out sooner or later. Were they ever wrong.  Now the criminals are so big, they have more fire power and money than the government does.

To complicate matters, a good % of the authorities are on the gangs pad, making it that much more difficult to rein them in.

Be smart not a statistic: DON’T GO WHERE YOU DON’T BELONG.

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  1. bzerob says:

    Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:
    What part of “Don’t go to Mexico” is misunderstood? It could be your life at stake! No $hit!

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