The giveaway is over FOLKS ….

America is not the world’s piggy bank, Trump tells NATO

Maybe I can break it down in more simple terms so the brain-dead, imbeciles can understand it.

It is like going to lunch with some stiff for 20 years and every-time, just before the check comes, this guy gets up and makes a bee-line to the head. Isn’t it time this guy starts, either picking up the tab or splitting the check equally??

Depending on who we AXE, there is a wide range of opinions as to how much the USA contributes to the UN each year. The amounts vary from 22% to 75%. Regardless of the actual amounts, it has been way out of proportion as to what is our FAIR SHARE  should be.


Take a look at France – Turkey – Germany – Italy and Canada. These mooching countries want the protection of the UN organization, BUTT are not willing to pay for it. They have no shame. Before the check comes, the make a bee-line to the head.  They want champagne service, BUTT  have Pepsi Cola pockets.

For decades the complacent leaders in the USA have been the bank, door mats and the punching bag for everyone in the world. Why we AXE?? Because that was BAU, no one ever challenged the system.

This is a different time and place with a new sheriff in town. The new sheriff does not like BAU and wants everyone to pay their fair share. FAIR SHARE being the key word.

What is so hard to figure out? There is a gigantic disparity between what countries should contribute and what they do contribute.  They all are enjoying the same food and service at the dinner, BUTT before the check comes, they head for the head. The fair share have been determined years ago, BUTT the slackers do not pay what they agreed to.

I have said this so many time until I am blue in the face.


The only reason ALL politicians in this country $pend money the way the do; it is NOT their money. It is not coming directly out of their pockets. If it did, we can bet they would be a lot more vigilant on how they spend it.

PDT is a business man, someone sitting in the Big Chair that has been long overdue. He is NOT used to giving away the farm. It is mind-boggling why there are so many that can not understand his logic.  In just about every/ALL of PDT’s positions/ambitions/, what I have heard him say with frequency; the USA should be treated fairly. Who BUTT an imbecile should have a problem with that??

Many countries around the world have been laughing at the USA for decades. Who else BUTT the USA would pass out money as we have when our national debt exceeds 23 trillion dollar$??  It is insanity.

Pretty cut and dry as far as I am concerned. They wanna go to lunch, it is time to split the check equally.

God hates a coward and a cheap SOB!!!


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