USA TODAY: Trump blasts Germany as ‘captive to Russia’ at combative NATO summit

Many times it hurts to hear the truth. This is PDT’s MO, shooting straight from the hip and telling it like it is. Something that our supposed allies are not used to hearing from the president of the United States.

Taking off the gloves may not be a popular way of doing things, butt it is the only language some people understand. They have to quit going to the head when the check comes.

When in a position as PDT is in, it is not a good idea to be ambiguous. Let there be no question as to what he is conveying to the Slackers.

As far as Germany goes, they are between a rock and a hard place when it comes to Russia who controls all of the oil they buy. These type of dependencies should have never escalated as far as they have. It is called, being caught by the short hair.

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