There is a &^% (* % $#@&% thief at every turn …

Why you might want to wrap your car key fob in foil

Now who would ever think that the son-of-a-bitch thieves, yeah, the degenerate/creeps that do not want to work for a living, would come up with a method of stealing cars by copying the electronic code of a car fob???


The cheap or homemade  way to protect this from happening is to wrap the fob in aluminum foil, this can prevent thieves from having access to vehicles with a wireless fob. Currently, thieves can capture fob signals from outside a home, office or hotel room.

“You know it works if you can’t unlock a car door when the fob is inside,” said Moshe Shlisel, CEO of GuardKnox Cyber Technologies and a veteran of the Israeli Air Force who helped develop cyber protection for fighter jets and missile defense systems.

I don’t know if it is just me? I have a particular disdain for parasites scum bags that make a living off of someone else sweat and hard work.  If not the very bottom of the food chain; they have to come close.

I often said; by the time ANY new burglar proof product comes to the market, 5 minutes after it hits the streets, the scum bag crooks have a way to crack it.

I have to give them a lot of credit for their ingenuity, they have to be very clever and cunning to be so industrious. BUTT I give them an F- for their integrity.

Don’t put it past them; better find a fool-proof way of protecting you false choppers. They are next.




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