Boycott the Bums

Anti-Trump “Impeach 45” clothing sparks outcry and “boycott Walmart” campaign

Some people would sell their mother for 10 cents and give nine cents change if they could make a buck. Pretty self-explanatory.

The Giant anti-American retailer HAD to see the fallout before they agreed to stop selling the shirts.


Walmart said it would stop selling “Impeach 45” apparel online, which sparked outrage and a “boycott Walmart” campaign in support of the 45th president, Donald Trump. The retail giant has been selling “Impeach 45” baby onesies and men’s T-shirts, both made by the apparel company Old Glory, on its website.

What a disgrace as to how low some parasites are just to turn a profit.

As we can see; these fools might miss their next meal if they can not hustle everything they can. .

The Walton family fortune totaling US$145.3 billion[8] according to Forbes magazine, as of August 19, 2017:

Poor Nan being the piker, is only worth 5.7 billion.

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