USA TODAY: Drink coffee, live longer, new study finds

That is today , what about tomorrow? It seems that the experts in these fields changed their minds about every two or three years

A while back, 6 eggs a week where the maximum a person can eat; now the experts claim that a person with a good heart can have 3 a day.

If you ask ten doctors about drinking milk, 5 will say is good for you and 5 will say it is bad.

In my opinion much of the results depend on what each individual can tolerate.

As the old saying goes, one man’s pleasure is another man’s poison.

In my opinion, don’t hold your finger in the flame of a candle if you don’t want it to get burnt.

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  1. How simply awful! There are truly so-called human beings in this world, who need to be slaughterd, rather than the animals.

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