USA TODAY: Police: Capital Gazette suspected killer sent letters on day of shooting

Typical situation for the authorities. We had him in our grasp, BUTT he slipped through the cracks.

What is the point of the citizens being vigilant and Reporting unusual circumstances if the authorities do not act on it?

There have been so many incidents where criminals we’re not apprehended before they committed a crime, because the authorities neglected to act in time.

I would conclude that there are many people not doing what they’re paid for. Many times the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing . In some cases it becomes a contest between law enforcement organizations as to who is going to make the big score. Everyone wants to be the hero, consequently they do not cooperate with one another

Or, they run the other way when the shit hits the fan.

It is quite possible that there is no solution to some situations. The only possible outcome can be, hoping collateral damage will be held to a minimum.

Will these shootings continue?? Don’t hold your breath for them stop. There are some people in society that have completely lost their mind, they either have an axe to grind or they are looking for their 20 seconds of Fame.

Not much to brag about for the evolution of mankind.

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