Love is blind Mr. O ….

Obama still backing Pelosi while other Democrats move on

I wonder if the EVER-SO-JEALOUS Mrs. O knows about her hubby’s love affair?


As the list of Democrats expressing frustration with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is growing longer in recent weeks, she still has one heavy-hitting, secret admirer  who still loves her.

At a party fundraising event Friday afternoon in Northern California, Obama spoke highly of Pelosi made a couple of very profound statements, even predicted that she will return to the job of House speaker after November’s midterm elections.

“I think everybody knows how much I love Nancy Pelosi,” Obama told the gathering at a home in affluent Atherton, Politico reported.


Two items I disagree with in Obama’s statement.

In Mr. O’s own words.

“Nancy, I believe, is one of the greatest speakers we ever had, and will once again be one of the greatest speakers we ever have after we get through this cycle,” he continued. “And there’s not much I could have gotten done without having Nancy there alongside of me every step of the way.”

#1; she is the greatest speaker we ever had (not saying much for those that came before her). If she is the best, I can’t even imagine who was the worst.

#2 the frosting on the up-side-down cake;  And there’s not much I could have gotten done without having Nancy there alongside of me every step of the way. Did he ever say a mouth full.  Just how much did Obama accomplish in 8 years that did not eventually turn out to be a disaster?? Possibly Nan was a big contributor of the flop.

I will agree; without Nan’s support and others like her, Obama could have never been did such a poor a job while sitting in the Big Chair.

download (5).jpg

Human-beings is really something.  How can so many people look at the same car accident at the same time and still have different opinions on how the wreck occurred??

It is absolutely mind-boggling that there can be such a disparity between the way the left and right sees things. They are both looking at the same accident, butt can not agree on how it happened. The best part of it; all it amounts to is common-sense. 

Let us for a moment put things in perspective. The LAST person Obama backed in an election got her booty stomped. I don’t know if it is just me?? If I were running for public office, Mr O is the last DUDE I would AXE for support. Next would be his arch-enemy Wild Bill.

The best thing Obama could do is stay secluded on one of those islands he has been hopping since his retirement.  He may do the person or people he is backing more harm than good by lending his support.  Just AXE CHC.

I will give that a BIG AMEN!!

Happy Sunday and good health to you all; left or right. Stay cool and crank up the BREATH!!

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