He didn’t really say that …..

Michael Moore says ‘wimpy’ Dems must bring down Trump

Filmmaker calls on Democrats to put their ‘bodies on the line’ to stop the president; Raymond Arroyo shares ‘Friday Follies’ on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

Mush Mouth Moore really didn’t call his bunking buddies wimps, did he??

The fool has been pretty quiet lately, he probably figured it was time to get some ink.

MMM must not have heard the idioms, those who live in glass houses … or the pot calling the kettle black – ORRRR my latest; slobs should never make fun of anyone. 

Liked IT a lot better when he was silent; he made MOORE sense.


Take a good look at this fool. He has a lot of balls getting down on anyone.

The ironic thing about these PDT hatred squads; they are part of the people PDT is looking out for and trying to keep safe. They are too ignorant to know it; MOORE or less.


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