USA TODAY: What you need to know before Saturday’s immigration protests

I am a hundred percent in accordance with their plight as long as it is done legally.

I would like to know in what book it is written that the USA is compelled to take in illegal aliens and house them on a permanent basis.

Like Donald King would say, only in America.

Should the USA close its doors to all immigrants? Absolutely not, butt they should only enter after going through the proper channels and being vetted properly.

There are too many undesirable mixed in the group that are very dangerous people.

If only one of the criminals is eliminated by following the law, it will be mission accomplished.

It’s going to take a family member of one of their proponents to be attack or killed buy one of these criminal illegals, for them to get the message.

It is beyond reasoning that these people cannot see the forest on account of the trees.

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