Who is the Prof kidding ……

USA Today

Professor’s ‘penis size’ research project seeks 3,600+ explicit photos


Personally, I think this cute as a button professor just wanted to start a scrap-book with a collection of men’s various endowments.

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Alicia Walker is used to the snickers, the juvenile puns and raunchy jokes. But she is not fooling around with her latest research project.

The assistant professor of sociology at Missouri State University launched a study this month that explores how the size of a man’s penis affects the rest of his life. And she’s documenting the work with pictures.

“The kind of work I do is not for everybody,” she said.

Walker said the project looks at how penis size — and, as importantly, a man’s perception of his penis size — affects overall health, sexual activity, condom usage, self image, social interaction and mental health.

“So far I’m hearing a lot of anxiety and a lot of low self-esteem related to size,” she said.

I really don’t know how far this pecker checking Prof has taken her studies, BUTT from my experience, IT IS, what’s up front that counts.  Guys that have been cheated in life with little stubs always seemed to have a (not a pun) harder time with the opposite sex.

As part of the study, Walker hopes at least 3,600 men will fill out an online survey and upload photos of their genitalia. The participants must be age 22 or older.

“These are not sexy pictures,” she said. “These are clinical pictures.”

Come on Alicia; don’t be bashful, tell us why you really are collecting so many pictures of Mr. Jones.

Because this supposed survey is being conducted by a women, she is getting a criticism pass. What if it were some horny toad male professor that was compiling a BEAVER collection, this guy would be hung out to dry in a minute.

What is good for the goose should be good for the gander.


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  1. Is her maiden name “Cox”?

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