The Three Stooges

Colbert, Fallon, Conan team up for comic response to President Trump’s insults

I hate to insult The Three Stooges by making this comparison, BUTT I felt that this was an appropriate handle for these three clowns.

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There are a few things that separate the Talk Show Hosts from the Stooges. #1 their sense of humor stinks, only appealing to idiots with the same mentality. # 2, The Stooges were a lot more entertaining and the only person they hurt were themselves.

The three teamed up after the president doled out critiques of CBS’ Colbert (“lowlife”), NBC’s Fallon (“lost soul”) and ABC late-night host Jimmy Kimmel (“terrible”) during a speech to rally support for a gubernatorial candidate. His insults came after a recent interview in which Fallon said he regretted his much-criticized decision to muss up Trump’s hair during a 2016 show.

Every-time these three mental midgets open their fly trap, they show exactly who they are, very shallow passengers on the Ship of Fools.


I hate to be the bearer of bad news to THE THREE, BUTT the longer they stay this course, the more their crusade is going to the other way.  Slowly BUTT surly, the people out there with any sense at all are beginning to recognize; as crude and unethical as PDT’s moves are at times, he is constantly looking out for ways to improve the conditions in this country.

Many of PDT’s less palatable actions he has taken have been to correct what those before him let spiral out of control because they were afraid to make unpopular decisions.

I have never suggested that PDT should get a pass when he makes a bad decisions, BUTT I would like to see he get some acknowledgement for his accomplishments.

Without law and order and enforcing the law, this country would go the way of Mexico and other countries that neglected to make the tough choices in their infancy and gone down the tubes over night.

Unless laws are upheld and enforced, all we are is an unorganized mob flirting with disaster.


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