Fair share is on the money …


The U.S. Supreme Court has dealt a blow to public sector unions, holding that workers who are represented by a union, but choose not to join, do not have to pay dues to cover the costs of collective bargaining.

The nine-member court ruled 5-4 that such dues, often called “fair-share fees,” clash with the rights of union non-members. The fees violate “the free speech rights of nonmembers by compelling them to subsidize private speech on matters of substantial public concern,” the majority wrote in its decision in the case, Janus v. AFSCME.

To start with, people who are NOT union members should NOT be represented by unions. As it used to stand before the decision, the unions were collecting due$ from people not signatory to the union to help support their activities.  One hell of a set up.

As it will be in the future; the union will not be-able to collect dues from people who are not union members.

What I can see happen in the immediate future, the unions are going to stop representing the non-unions people.  Unions and other entities that represent people are definitely NOT charitable organizations.

Is the long-range plan of the government to shut down all unions? That is a possibility.  What started out as a savior to the working man, in some case turned into a curse.

Way back when unions began organizing, it was formed to assist people who were being used and abused by company owners. They had no benefits what-soever and were made to worked like mules for very little pay and poor working conditions.

At one time, unions were the best thing that ever happened to the working man. BUTT as the old story goes, how can something so positive become so negative?? It is called greed and corruption.

Through the years, the unions became so powerful they started to dictate to the business owners and abused their new-found power.

Many unions became infiltrated by the mob that wanted to get their greedy fingers into the very lucrative pensions funds that were worth billions. How do we think Vegas got it’s start??

It didn’t take long before the unions did a 360 degree turn and were operating just the opposite of what their initial benevolent intent once was.

The unions became a detriment to many industries instead of an asset. Feather-bedding became a very big factor. A two month job could easily turn into a two-year job and companies were going broke.

Shake-downs and strong-arm tactics became commonplace within the unions; it was their calling cards. JOIN OR ELSE. Employees were intimidated to join the union and companies were threatened with violence if they did not conform and sign on the dotted line. Companies were going out of business by the dozens.

Eventually the worm began to turn and many companies moved to states where the RIGHT TO WORK LAW(no unions were necessary) existed or others went out of business completely.  The unions literally broke them.

Here we have another scenario of where something was so well intended and so good in its inception, BUTT eventually, as it gained strength, it turned into a monster.

Still to this day (NOT ALL, BUTT MANY) there are not many unions that represent their members as they should. Their most difficult decision they have to make in the morning, is where they are going to have lunch.

If unions operated as they initially intended, they could have still been as strong and powerful as they once were. It was their obsession with the $$$$ that brought many of them down.  There are still a few scattered around the country that are on the up and up, BUTT they are like hens teeth.

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They have no one to blame BUTT themselves for their down-turn and potential demise.

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  1. jimallega says:

    So very true

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