The Fox was sleeping with the Hen

Comey used personal email to conduct FBI business, watchdog report finds

As the mysteries of James Comey continues to unfold, it is no wonder that he did not want to burn CHC for using her email illegally because he was doing the same thing.

It very  apparent that our legal systems fell apart during the Obama administration because of his permissive, lackadaisical , PC culture of governing.

Governing without discipline has never been the answer. Without discipline, all that remains is chaos. Don’t believe me?  Ask our friends South of the Border how they’re doing . It is no wonder so many illegals are trying to get over, under or through the fence based on the living conditions they have there. They are absolutely deplorable.


We are now seeing that my disciplinary philosophies are holding true.

Ever since Obama said I DO to the bible, the discipline and regimentation in the USA has gone down the shitter.

A good comparison would be, trying to run a military operation by instructing the troops to do what they felt like without any rules and regulations governing their activities. The unit would look like a monkey trying to screw a football.


We can safely say, that was just about the way of doing business under the Obama Administration. Very relaxed, very unorganized and extremely politically correct, all factors that do not cut it in governing efficiently.

In the Marine Corps our DI used to tell us; without discipline all you fuckin maggots we are is a bunch of unorganized mob with no Direction.  Any top organization, especially a government needs a strong leadership to function successfully.

Hopefully the criminals, like Comey , CHC and their crew will get the punishment they deserve in the end. Butt, we all know that is not how the system works. There has been probably billions of dollar$ and million$ of man hour$ into trying to nail PDT to the cross, all to no avail.

In the long run, finding out that the accusers were actually  the perpetrators, trying to deflect the evidence away from them. PRETTY slick, BUTT not slick enough.

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