Trump grumbles that deal with North Korea isn’t getting enough praise

Trump grumbles that deal with North Korea isn’t getting enough praise

This just goes to show that stupidity has no boundaries. It crosses all party lines, religions, race and socioeconomic backgrounds.

What DT has accomplished with NK should be considered by all a monumental achievement and an historical advancement toward world peace.

If what PDT accomplished is so insignificant, why is it that no others before him were able to start the process.

Whether this thing comes to complete fruition as intended is totally another story. Just the fact that the preliminary groundwork has been set is remarkable and should be recognized as such.

One small piece of advice I would extend to PDT is not to be so bragadocious. When you are good, others will Blow Your Horn.

I give PDT a thousand and ten percent for his achievements.

Love him or hate him, you can’t deny what he is accomplished in many areas in such a short amount of time.

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