Promoting incompetence

University of Chicago becomes first elite college to make SAT, ACT optional for applicants

The new policy, which is being implemented starting with the Class of 2023, is meant to help even the playing field for students coming from low-income and underrepresented communities, university officials said.

Even playing field?? What an insult to the people from the lower-income brackets. Essentially what U C is suggesting, the people from lower-income families are not as intelligent as the people from higher income families.

What the university is going to produce in the long run and be releasing into the business world, are multitudes of partially educated, incompetent people.

Dentist will fill half a tooth, MORE doctor will botch up their operations, banker will have to take their shoes off when  they need to count past 10, druggists will be filling the wrong prescriptions and so-forth.

I would be highly insulted if I were one of the people who were given a pass. The next thing we know, U C and other universities like it will make attending class optional.

With some of the considerations they give some athletes who can not even tell time or read at a 5th grade level, I don’t think I am too far from reality.

Old story: Pay me now or pay me later. We only get out of life what we put into it.

As far as education goes, there should not be any concessions  given. It is common knowledge; the more demands put on a student in most case (without torturing them), the better they turn out.

Based on a lot of the irrational moves some of the SCHOOLS OF HIGHER LEARNING make, I question just how intelligent their heads of state are??


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