No end to this BLOODY broad’s ignorance

Kathy Griffin calls out Kevin Hart for not attacking Trump

Anti-Trump comedian Kathy Griffin branded fellow comic Kevin Hart a “pussy” for not attacking President Donald Trump during his shows despite being “a black man.”

Lets put it in perspective. Hart has more sense and respect for the office of the presidency than to lower himself as the rest of the fools have.

Misery loves company.


Anyone that has a mind of their own and not just anther sheep in the flock of idiots, in La La Land they are considered a turn-coat an outcast.  Those who laugh last will laugh the loudest.

One would figure, if this BLOODY BITCH had any sense at all, she would quit while she is ahead.


This one, Sammy Boy, Alec, The Raging Fool, Madonna and the rest of the degenerates with too much time on their hands are going to go down in history as some of the most ignorant people ever hatched.

PDT has a great memory, some day ………


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