Did the Catholic Church say immoral???

Catholic Cardinal Calls Trump’s Immigrant Family Separations ‘Immoral’

Those who live in glass churches should not Roll Boulders.

Many years ago, there was a rule of thumb;  any smart person should never mix religion with politics. I guess the cardinal is not a smart person.

New cardinal Daniel N. DiNardo of the U.S. leaves the altar after he received the biretta from Pope Benedict XVI during the Consistory ceremony in Saint Peter's Basilica at the Vatican

A top Catholic Cardinal Daniel N. DiNardo condemned the Trump administration’s immigration policies on Wednesday, calling the separation of immigrant families “immoral” and saying a recent change in policy “will erode the capacity of asylum to save lives.”

It is totally mind-boggling  to think that there are people out there that assumes PDT gets his rocks off breaking up families sending illegal aliens back to where they came from.  I am positive that it distresses The Man immensely.  For the STIFFS that don’t get it; the man was elected to uphold the law. Many times it is an easy thing to do, BUTT many times it can be a very distasteful obligation.

This is one of the primary reasons why the USA is in such bad shape. Many of the former presidents ALWAYS took the easy way out and the one that is popular with everyone.

How many of us have ever been in a position of authority and had to make decision that not everyone liked.  It is not an easy thing to do.  The first thing a stern decision makers is call is a PRICK.

It has been my experience, not everyone is cut out to be a boss at any level. They do not have the backbone to carry out what needs to be done for the betterment of everyone concerned.

A good boss has to be an exceptional/hard-shelled person that is not swayed by public opinion. They have to be somewhat hard-nosed to do the job properly. Being hard-nosed, does not mean the person has no sensitivity.  That is why that particular person was elected/chosen/hired; to put out fires, to make sure that what they are in charge of is conducted like a military operation. If it was easy being a boss; any fool, even some of the Boulder Rolling  jack-off celebrity could handle it.

I have always maintained; if you want to be popular, join a rock band. If you are a good or exceptional boss, you can not worry about public opinion. BUTT at the same time, make sure that your decisions are sound and fair.

PDT is doing what he was elected to do, BUTT the are still hoards of salamis out there that don’t like it. I say TOUGH SHIT. He will come out on top.

As I said so many times during the campaign for president; who do you want to be in the fox-hole with if the shit ever hit the fan?? The answer was simple and concluded as it should have.

My advice to all religions, especially the right-handers (Catholics); clean up your own operation before criticizing anyone else about being immoral.

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