If you can’t do any better; shut the &%$@ up

Democrats blast Trump for concessions he granted in U.S.-North Korea summit

As I said many times before. If PDT found the cure for cancer; these imbeciles would say he invented it so he could claim he cured it. UNBELIEVABLE.

The incompetent fools  had years/decades to try and get some sort of a dialog or peace talks started with North Korea; BUTT none of them had the horse sense on how to go about it. Now that we have a man that GETS IT DONE, all they can do is try to find fault with EVERYTHING  he does.

You had your chance and could not do any better; so shut the fuck up. All of these Boulder Rollers have less between their ears than a group of 3 year old kids in nursery school.

One would think, by this time, after all their attempts to sabotage PDT and they failed, they would capitulate and go do something constructive for their government, like resigning.

Just locker room talk folks; it looked like it fit the occasion.

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