Susan Rice slams Trump for “disgraceful statement” about Russia at G7

Susan Rice slams Trump for “disgraceful statement” about Russia at G7

The old broad is slick like the rest of the varmints. In order to divert some of the heat off of her blunders, she tries to put the hammer on PDT.

For a good majority of these mud slingers, they have more Secrets under their blanket then Comey & CHC combined.

Will the hypocrisy of the Boulder rollers ever end? I doubt it

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2 Responses to Susan Rice slams Trump for “disgraceful statement” about Russia at G7

  1. But it was okay when Allbright said “There’s a special place in hell for a woman who doesn’t vote for a woman.” They are just projecting what they do which is disgraceful onto Trump. It is the only card they have left to play before they all end up perp-walked. Rice is one of the worst and she’d scared.

    • Rice was a puppet and a pawn and didn’t know it. As unusual as it sounds, Obama put her there as a minority representation.
      I still can’t figure out what the hell they’re going to put in that 1.5 billion dollar Library they’re building for him. If they put all of the truth it’ll be empty; if they fill it with lies they won’t have enough space

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