OK Coral Singapore style

Unorthodox Trump faces toughest test yet in summit with Kim

Fox refers to PDT as Unorthodox and they may be correct in some areas. BUTT, just like at the OK Coral; it didn’t matter if Wyatt Earp was articulate or not, what mattered was, if he was good with the Colt 45 he used. We all know te outcome of that confrontation.


The same thing applies to PDT. We all know he is not the most polished individual on the planet; BUTT what he is, is a very good businessman and an exceptional negotiator.

Fox says; it will be PDT’s biggest challenge yet. I say, it will be the probably the 1st time in The Kids life he was ever put on the hot seat.

My biggest concern is that both men keep their cool and do not squander this opportunity to make some historic decisions that will affect the entire world. Both men have been known to beat their chests sometimes when it is not necessary.

This summit in NOT about them, it is about the future of the world.

IF – IF – IF this meeting goes the way it was intended, there may be some significant changes in the world with other countries as to coming to the table for world peace.

PDT is going to be PDT to a certain extent; BUTT I hope he left his repertoire of innuendos for playing the dozens  at home, like ROCKET MAN


Playing the dozens is an African-American custom in which two competitors — usually males — go head to head in a competition of comedic trash talk. They take turns “cracking on,” or insulting, one another, their adversary’s mother or other family member until one of them has no comeback. In the U.S., the practice can be traced back to chattel slavery, when violence among slaves was a property crime with potentially draconian consequences. Verbal sparring became a substitute for physical contention. While the competition on its face is usually light-hearted, smiles sometimes mask real tensions.

The dozens can be a harmless game, or, if tempers flare, a prelude to physical violence. But in its purest form, the dozens is part of an African-American custom of verbal sparring, of “woofin’” (see wolf ticket) and “signifyin’,” intended to defuse conflict amicably, descended from an oral tradition rooted in traditional West African cultures. The dozens is a contest of personal power — of wit, self-control, verbal ability, mental agility and mental toughness. Defeat can be humiliating; but a skilled contender, win or lose, may gain respect.

“Yo’ mama,” a common, widely recognized argumentative rejoinder in African-Amercan vernacular speech, is a cryptic reference to the dozens.

The term “the dozens” refers to the devaluing on the auctionblock of slaves who were past their prime, who were aged or who, after years of back-breaking toil, no longer were capable of hard labor. These enslaved human beings often were sold by the dozen.

For most part,  the dozens is a verbal contest between two people at want to rank (embarrass) the other and are trying to avoid a physical altercation, so they try their best to rank the person using words instead of fists.
Your mama’s so FAT, after she got off the carousel, the horse limped for a week.
Mo’s rebuttal: Your mama’s so skinny, she can hula-hoop through a Froot Loop.

Your mama’s so FAT, her blood type is Ragu.

Mo’s rebuttal: Your mama’s so skinny, she looks like a mic stand.

Your mama’s so FAT, instead of 501 jeans she wears 1002s.

Mo’s rebuttal: Your mama’s so skinny, she turned sideways and disappeared.

Your mama’s so FAT she’s not on a diet she’s on a triet. What y’all eating? I’ll try it.
Mo’s rebuttal: Your mama’s so skinny, I gave her a piece of popcorn and she went into a coma.

ULTIMATE: Don’t play the dozens, the dozens ain’t your game, I knocked up your Ma ma and yo Daddy got the blame
PDT statement: “I feel that Kim Jong Un wants to do something great for his people and he has that opportunity and he won’t have that opportunity again.
PDT has to be as sly as the fox in the hen-house and kill The Kid with kindness. The first part of the sentence was good; the second part was a partial threat, something he has to stay away from.
He won’t have that opportunity again, has a threatening tone to it
In order for this summit to be successful, The Kid has to come away feeling he was the winner, not the capitulator.  He knows the whole world is watching, especially his people. He has to come away holding his head up high and made to feel like the hero. It is all about saving face in the Far East.
I certainly am not suggesting that PDT do a John Kerry. I am suggesting he conjures  up all off the diplomacy he can, be as cunning and deliberate as he is known for and come away the victor.
PDT; the world is depending on you. Do what you do best by WINNING.
I really don’t know if the general population is aware of the seriousness and severity of this meeting. It is absolutely monumental.
If PDT pulls this one-off; I would dare any of the Boulder Rollers to find fault with it. BUTT, I am sure they will, right Nan???
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