Miss America covers up

Miss America covers up https://www.cbsnews.com/news/faith-salie-on-the-miss-america-swimsuit-competition/

If that is what this is all about, political correctness, they may as well discontinue the entire contest, exhibition, match, tournament, event, meet, bout, race or whatever else they choose to label it.

Does anyone really care anymore about the Miss or should I say Ms. America pageant?

Now, one of their biggest concerns with being politically correct is identifying as Ms instead of Miss because there is no male equivalent of Miss, which is totally ludicrous.

It is astounding to what lengths some organizations are going to in order to get in line with the rest of the PC fools.

There are traditions and circumstances that have been acceptable since the beginning of time, butt with the Advent of political correctness, all of a sudden many are not acceptable anymore. Absolute fools

I will agree that the winner of the contest should not solely be chosen because of her beauty, butt I would hate to see some homely looking chick win the contest just because she is a space scientist. It used to be called a beauty contest.

They are attempting to take the booty out of the beauty by eliminating the swimsuit competition. For lot of folks that was the highlight of the contest.

Personally I could care less. I would like to have the money they spend on plastic surgery, capped teeth and the like to prepare themself for the contest. So essentially, what we are looking at it’s not who they really are anyway.

C’est la vie

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