Damned if he does- damned if he doesn’t

SINGAPORE – A day after arguing with western allies at the G-7 summit over trade, President Trump landed in Asia on Sunday prepared to declare victory in talks with nuclear-armed North Korea — regardless of what happens.

USA Today is, as usual, putting the horse before the cart, claiming that PDT is already doing the celebratory victory dance  before the meeting begins. Fake news like this is enough to piss off the Pope.

It doesn’t seem to matter what the hell this guy does; he is  damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.  The only thing these rich cats are NOT bitching about YET is the economy and the stock market.

In an effort to discredit PDT or be the 1st with the big scoop, all of the fools in the media, with their half-truths and fake news scoops, do not have any idea how ridiculous and juvenile they make themselves look.

It is astounding that there are so many Boulder Roller in this country with their heads in the ass. If Obama or Wild Bill were able to pull off a meeting with The Kid; they would have already been canonized and had their images chiseled in the walls of the Vatican.

The hypocrisy of the far-left in this country is beyond belief.

IF PDT is successful in doing what  so many other presidents have been unable to do;  he deserves all the credit in the world.  If not because of unforseen obsticles, at least he tried.

Get a ^%#@*& life fools.

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