They had a license to kill …..

USA TODAY: Hundreds pay tribute to RFK on 50th anniversary of death

Their assassinations were an absolute tragedy, Butt the Kennedy boys had a license to kill in some cases, RIGHT TEDDY, yet they were glorified by just about everyone.

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10 Shocking Things You’ll Learn About the Chappaquiddick Scandal in Cover-Up

PEOPLE’s first-ever podcast, Cover-Up, debuts on May 31 and will dig into the Chappaquiddick scandal that scarred the Kennedy family and changed the course of American presidential history. 

Talk about womanizing, the brothers wrote the manual  on it. I guess they got it from their old man who never did fully Sprout his angel wings.


The guy was a tyrant, ruled with an iron first to get his way.

Initially his oldest son Joe was slated by  him to run for president, BUTT he was killed in the military in a plane accident.  That is when JFK got the nod from the old man.


Old Man Joe was bound and determined to get his kid elected. He said he would spend 20 million of his own money of necessary to make it happen. 20 million in 1962 would be the equivalent of about 175 million dollar$ in 2018.  That was some serious ging-a-ling.

Still today, there is really no definitive answer on who killed Bobby or John. Both of them certainly pissed off a lot of people, in a lot of high places; especially in the Mothers And Fathers  Italian Association and the unions. Back then when MAFIA and the unions were a lot stronger, they had a way of getting even. 

I guess the moral of the story is; if they want you, they are gonna get you one way or another!!!

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