Kasich “very, very concerned” about North Korea summit, says U.S. must be “extremely careful”

Kasich “very, very concerned” about North Korea summit, says U.S. must be “extremely careful” https://www.cbsnews.com/news/kasich-on-face-the-nation-very-very-concerned-about-north-korea-summit/

Something Mr Kasich seems to forget. The master of negotiating is going to be sitting opposite The Kid dick tater, not Barack Obama.

That in itself gives the United States a leg up on the negotiations.

It goes without saying that The Kid will try to maneuver and finagle anything he can, but his feet have to be held to the fire if he goes back on his commitments.

I am sure that PDT and his crew we’ll make sure that these conditions are strictly adhered to.

Mister Kasich, I can’t say that you can sleep sound tonight.

BUT as I have reiterated so many times before, it is necessary to keep our eye on the hog and our finger on the trigger.

This meeting, if and when it takes place between PDT and The Kid, will be one of the most historical and significant meetings in modern times.

With all of the world watching, especially China, Russia and Iran, there is going to be a precedent set based on how it turns out.

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