Harvard did what ????

Harvard gives Hillary Clinton award for ‘transforming society’ — even when you lose you get a trophy

Harvard University USED to be know as the home of scholars and produced some very intelligent people; I did say USED to.

By awarding CHC for the honors for transforming society, I could not agree with them more, BUTT not in the way they intended. I will agree that CHC transformed society, BUTT in a very negative way.  It would be the same as giving Bernie an award for his contribution in swindling 65 billion dollar$.

Take a look at this rap sheet she complied over the years. Even if only one or two of the accusations are true, one or two are too many.







Ladies and germs; these are some serious accusations, some even boarder on, if not  being criminal acts and they are only scratching the surface.

The ONLY reason CHC has skated thus far is because of who she is and who she is married to (even if it was a part-time marriage).

SOOO; will someone tell me why the knuckle-heads at Harvard bestowed such an honor on such a despicable person?? I will answer my own question? They all come out of the same mold.

Are these fools at HU living in a cave or in some underground cavern where they have been shielded from the news for the last 30 years? For them to make a claim as they do about CHC, they must be smoking some of that leftover grass that CHC and Wild Bill puffed on when they were in college. Yeah; the same stuff he claims he NEVER inhaled.

Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton at Yale Law School, 1972.

I have to congratulate the both WB & CHC. They are definitely a perfect match made in heaven or in the other direction.

Who would have ever thunk that one day these two CHARACTERS would be two of the most powerful people in American history???? Very sad but true.

This guy came right out of the box bullshitting. He would know the truth if it was hiding under his desk!!

Tell me our society hasn’t regressed and I will call you a fool!! Best of all, I don’t see a big turnaround unless a miracle happens.  This PC thing has really enveloped or country and developed into a un-tamable  monster that is totally out of control.

It may just be a rumor; I heard the same governing body @ HU is going to give Wild Bill a belated FATHER OF THE YEAR award for being such a role model to his daughter.  Monica is ONLY 6 years old than Chelsea.

Speaking of Chelsea; WB & CHC should be very proud of the examples they set for their only kid. They molded her out of their same image.

Wake up America and smell the hypocrisy of these wooden headed fools.



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