Just another con man ….

Louisiana televangelist seeks donations for $54M private jet:

Jesse Duplantis is just another in the long line of silver-tongued con-men like Albert Sharpless and his crew. They con the hell out of the people in their congregations, many of them very poor, to part with their last dollar, so these parasites could live like kings.

Duplantis quote: I really believe that if Jesus was physically on the earth today, he wouldn’t be riding a donkey … He’d be in an airplane preaching the gospel all over the world.

He has the goolunies to compare himself to Jesus.

Jesse Duplantis – Wikipedia

Duplantis’s estimated $40 million net worth and lavish lifestyle come under harsh criticism from those outside the “prosperity gospel” fold. He has himself said, “My God is a sugardaddy.” The Trinity Foundation, a religious watchdog organization, has been monitoring Duplantis for over 10 years.

We can tell by the pictures that Jesse is having a hard time of it.

3                4

These are just one of several shacks Jesse and his family are roughing it in, at the expense of his FLOCK.

The parasite already has 3 jets; BUTT he wants one that will fly around the world without the need for fuel stops.  What an inconvenience.

Louisiana ranks at the nations 3rd poorest state; YETTTT, there are scumbags like Jesse who are draining every cent he can out of the poor. Do we think that Jesse and people like him are concerned with the health and well-being of other?? Think again. If they were, we would not see the extravagant life-style they lead.


There are dozens of unscrupulous con men who call themselves MEN OF THE CLOTH out there taking money away from people who are barely making it.


List of bible thumpers convicted of violent crimes

Non-violent crimes

It would be a different story if these people lived a modest life-style; BUTT that is not the case. They flaunt their wealth in the face of the people who keep them living large.

I compare many  of the people who seek religious assistance to the people who go to a shrink for mental issues. They know exactly what is necessary to go down the right road of life, BUTT they feel the need to contribute to some hustlers life-style to keep them on the straight and narrow. Some may call it a lack of commonsense.

Ladies and gents; IF – IF – IF someone fell on hard times on what once were good intentions, it is one thing. BUTT, the majority of the parasites had a game plan for the start to hustle and steal every cent they could from the working people to ingratiate their life styles.

My theory; If you want to talk to God, supposedly he is everywhere. You can do that at home or driving your car. Live a good clean life – educate your kids properly, set good examples – treat and respect others as you would have them treat you. If you do all of the above, why do you feel the need to put your hard-earned money in the basket and be taken in by some charlatan who is only out for the con??


I think Mrs. Jesse said it all whe she said THE FAMILY BUSINESS. Not a calling, BUTT  a family business.

That being said; I will bet that the good people in Duplantis’s flock will come up with the $oldi this leech is asking for to buy the new and better jet. There is a sucker born every minute.

Remember Osteen, the guy that would not open the doors to his church during hurricane Harvey, until he was embarrassed into to doing so. He is a good example of the con men that call themselves MEN OF THE CLOTH. They should be called;  MEN OF THE DOLLAR.



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1 Response to Just another con man ….

  1. suez62 says:

    Great article, and so true. You can feel sorry for the gullible people who give to these devils, but, only for a moment. If they really knew the Word of Yehovah, they would know better than to support these evil bass~turds!

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