You talking to me????

Robert De Niro says Trump not welcome at Nobu restaurants: ‘I’d walk out’

“I don’t care what he likes. If he walked into a restaurant I was in — I’d walk out,” the 74-year-old actor stated. He further clarified that he would “never let Trump into any of the Nobu restaurants,” according to the Daily Mail.


Whats the matter Taxi Driver, are you making too much $oldi in the stock market –  Do you NOT feel safer now with PDT sitting in The Big Chair then you have with the past presidents who sat there – you don’t like the way he negotiates with federal contractors that have been clipping the American public for decades – you don’t like the fact that he is trying to protect our country from getting over-run by illegals, many of whom are vicious criminals – you don’t like the fact that he is the 1st president that has brought North Korea to it’s knees – are you just another sheep jumping off the cliff because that is what most of you La La Land freaks do – you don’t want to feel like an outsider in your click of nut-cases??  How can these fools deny the accomplishments PDT has made??

Like they say in the old country; BOY, you better know what side your bread is buttered on!!

Get a mind of your own instead of being a pathetic follower and evaluate what The Man has done since he has been in office.  Stack it up against you what your Cousin did while he was sitting in The Big Chair. What do you see when you look into the center of a doughnut??

I would love to see the day, if it ever came, with the screw balls like Bobby; when a terrorist was standing behind them, with a kabar to their throat, getting ready to saws their heads off. I wonder whose name they would be calling for help??


The pay back to all of the fools would be is when PDT would say; YOU TALKING TO ME???

I have a very strong feeling,  one day all of the Boulder Rollers will be forced to eat their words. Success can not be denied when it is staring you in the face unless the person is a hypocrite or a sheep.

The worm has already being to tun in the other direction.

Trump: Obama ‘did nothing’ on ‘so-called Russian Meddling’ because he thought ‘Crooked Hillary’ would win

The facts can not be denied FOLKS.  This entire Russian sham, orchestrated by the democrats has blown up in their face.

The Boulder Rollers remind me of a serial killer who was caught red-handed on video killing 6 people and had killed 20 before that; when he appears before the courts, he pleads not guilty.

This is piece of work is just another pathetic example of a varmint/rodent I am talking about.

CNN’s April Ryan slammed for tweeting article about Trump running child-trafficking ring


People like this malicious/psychotic broad belong locked up in a padded cell.

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2 Responses to You talking to me????

  1. THE AMERICAN LEFT IS LOSING IT COMPLETELY: So, they resort to insults, blames, inaccuracies and the help of their surrogate, the Media in fake reporting. It AIN’T GONNA WORK, FOLKS! Donald Trump is going to win again. The Republicans will take more seats in the Senate in November and, we’ll have 4 more years of Donald Trump, then followed by President Pence’s 8 years. HOW ABOUT THAT? The thought alone, I am sure, will make the Democratic pundits (Nancy, Maxine,Chuck-You) crazy and, Hillary Clinton will probably get cancer , caused by all her hate. I just love it!

  2. Just to add a few more words: Robert DeNiro, whose movies I really liked, is going gaga. He would be better off to keep his vulgar, filthy mouth shut.

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