Memorial Day – what patriotism????

Kneeling for the Anthem is just another in the long line of how patriotism has eroded in this country.


Patriotism is not tangible, you can not see it or touch it, it something that has to be felt in a persons conscientiousness and has to be LIVED. It should not be only a part time endeavor ONLY when there is a national tragedy has occurred, it has to be consistent.

All of the following have a direct or indirect affect on patriotism in one way or another. Because of the lack of discipline in the families, parents setting a poor example or none at all, celebs making fools out of themselves by disrespecting the flag and what the presidency stands for, piss poor methods of teachers in schools and colleges that are pushing their own personal agenda instead of teaching the proper curriculum, the entertainment industry (in all genre) displaying  the trash they put out that has a great influenced on kids, ignorant talk show hosts who make fools out of themselves by the dialog they use on their programs, politicians like Pelosi and her crew that have no business being in positions of power, gangs that are calling for the execution of cops, the list is endless; this country has regressed instead of progressing  in the patriotism department.  THEY ARE ALL CONNECTED!!

Patriotism should not a part time or temporary mindset a person has, it should a full time stand for each American.  Unfortunately that is not how it is.

If any person who lives in the USA and enjoys all of its freedoms, they should support it 110%. It is not necessary to like the president; BUTT it IS necessary to support what he and the country stands for.  Anyone that disrespects the flag or the National Anthem should get on the next flight to North Korea or Iran using a one-way ticket. No one has a gun to their head forcing them to stay here.

What does a smart person do when they live in an apartment that is not to their liking for some reason? They move. Same-O-Same-O. Don’t let the exit door hit you in the ass.

As far as the new regulations the NFL has put out; I want to the Kneelers new game plan, how they are going to get around it, and if they still insist on kneeling, what the NFL is going to do about it.

Happy Memorial to all the good Americans out there. For the anti-American slobs, don’t forget to be on the next flight. Let us see if the Ayatollah or Rocket Man will put up with your nonsense. Get a taste of that and you might appreciate what you have.

Let us all show some respect for those that served; especially the brave men and women that gave their life so we can enjoy the freedoms we do.

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2 Responses to Memorial Day – what patriotism????

  1. Hello, though your writing is compelling and well thought out, your logic is somewhat skewed. Patriotism also includes Civil Disobedience. And no, Americans do not have to follow their president if they deem him unfit or criminal as it is the case with Donald Trump. In refusing to respect the flag or the anthem one is expressing content that at this particular moment America is phony and evil and requires expressions of disagreement.

    I, for example, left America and became expatriate because America now is not the America that we had known – it is evil and ran by criminal gangsters.

    Respectfully, this writer disagrees with you.

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