From Fox News – ‘Reparations Happy Hour’ invites white people to pay for drinks

‘Reparations Happy Hour’ invites white people to pay for drinks

Reparation has to be one of the most ludicrous suggestions or ideas to ever come down the pike.

I am not responsible for what my father did or his father or his father’s father let alone would happen to the black people 250 years ago.

The people that are behind this movement should get their shit together, go get a job, quit complaining, and do what is expected of a normal functioning citizen of the United States, instead of adding to their patheticism as the dregs of a non-working Society.

Every time I think I’ve heard what I think is an outrageous movement, these fools come out in top the last one. They are pathetic

What is next ladies, free tampons for the rest of your life??

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