PDT – You’re fired …..


Trump makes it easier to fire poor-performing federal workers

For as long as I can remember, it has been nearly impossible to fire anyone, regardless of the infraction, except possibly murder, from the Federal Government. Their way of handling a out of line worker that broke the rules was, to either hide them in a different department or promote them three levels up.




It is about time someone steps in and starts stepping on the featherbedders toes.  Their lack of poor productivity costs the tax payers dearly. Best of all, when they are caught with their hand in the cookie jar, because of the strangle hold they have had on the government for so many years, it is nearly impossible to fire them.

No one is axing them to anything illegal or out of the ordinary; just WORK (the four letter word they hate) for their pay.

Since the USA started electing presidents, none of them were businessmen, they were all politicians. Politicians have to be the worst of the worst when it comes to running a tight ship. They are so used to inter-coursing the canine themselves, they would know what being diligent and responsible was if it bite them in the ass.


In 2017, Congress was in session for 145 days out of 261 work days. That’s far less time than the average American worker puts in at the office. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an average full-time employee receives just 11 days of paid time off after working for a year, 15 days of paid time off after working for five years and 18 days of paid time off after working for 10 years.

Are they a disgrace or what?? How can they encourage workers to have suitable working habits when they are the biggest feather-bedders on the planet. The old story is, when a person live with a cripple, sooner or later they start to limp.

Now we have a MAN sitting in the Big Chair that is a business man and not a politician. He knows the nuts and bolts of big business from stem to stern.  He is trying to break the mold and do what is best fort ALL Americans not just a chosen few.

I will bet a dollar to a bagel, the Boulder Rollers against PDT’s move to make it easier to fire worthless federal employees is going to run into stiff opposition from all sides. How DARE he, demand that these slackers really have to work and be productive to get a che$k. The nerve of the man.

My hat is off to PDT for the stellar job he is doing in so many different directions that have been used, abused and neglected for decades by most of his predecessors.

As far as congress goes, they are a disgrace to themselves and the USA for assuming; THEY HAVE IT COMING. 

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