Lonely and Angry????


Harvey Weinstein’s criminal defense attorney calls him “lonely and angry” and said he believes his client’s accusers are not telling the truth.

My heart is bleeding for the HOG.  Just like with most narcissistic people; it is all about them and never the victims.  This HOG is not sorry for raping and abusing possibly up to 1oo women; he is only sorry he finally got caught.

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What a remarkable resemblance.

As Wineburger and his ambulance chaser said; they believe his accusers are not telling the truth.

Harvey Weinstein’s victims release list of 82 women who say they were sexually abused


Hypothetically; for the sake of conversation, let us say that out of the 82 ladies (there may be more) 12 of them are fugazi, That leaves 70 who are telling the truth. Even if it was only 1 lady that he assaulted, that is 1 too many.

In my opinion; the people who surrounded this hog and kept silent when they knew exactly what his sick hobby was, they are as guilty as he is.  The list of people supposedly well-respected/heavy-hitters that aided and abetted this hog by their silence is endless; all the way from the makeup artists to some presidents of the USA.


Harvey Weinstein: Everyone knew


For decades the sexual harassment claims against modern Hollywood’s most influential mogul were made behind closed doors. But who were the powers that kept them from the headlines? And why, having protected him so long, did they finally fail? Here, GQ reveals the truth about who knew what

It is going to be very interesting to see how the judicial system handles this hot potato. Will TRUE justice really be served??  If found guilty (I see no other conclusion) I am not talking about getting sentenced to one of the Country Club prisons spread around the country; I am talking about hard time.


FPC Montgomery


Folks; this is NOT a Country Club, it is one of the many prisons around the country where the SPECIAL PEOPLE go when they are convicted of a crime.

Number of prisoners: 973
Location: Montgomery, Ala.

The federal prison camp in Montgomery, Ala., is on Maxwell Air Force Base. While inmates can enjoy the music room, pool tables, and a craft room, Ellis says the best perk is the opportunity to work outside the prison camp. Inmates are employed as gardeners and landscapers on the military base. In fact, one of his clients once was a landscaper for the general’s house.

“The general’s wife would invite him in the afternoon for lemonade and cookies,” Ellis said.

Prisoners can also take correspondence courses in business, psychology, art, music, and foreign language offered by Troy State University.

This is what I call serving HARD TIME. There are only one of two places hogs like Wineburger belong;

9               index.jpg

Hopefully the ladies that were abused, molested and raped by Wineburger will get to see him swing.

I really doubt it, but if the courts make an example of him, possibly some other horny bastards out there will think twice before they cross the forbidden line.

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