A friend in need, should be more selective ….

Clinton to endorse male ally Cuomo for NY Gov, snubs progressive female candidate

OLD CHC probably feels bad that one of her staunchest supports got stuck with the bill for 200 rooms he booked for the night of her inauguration celebration, when she got tromped by PDT.   It is rumored that she is lending her support to Cuomo so he can make a few dollar$ to pay for the hotel bill.


         Been  meaning to axe you Andy; what kind of deodorant do you use??


Cuomo chalked his poor VICTORY celebration decision making, calling it a premature ejaculation on his part.  People close to him heard him say saying; he came too soon!!

Unfortunate for Cuomo and a lot more lefty-politicians, they haven’t got the word yet, CHC’s (AKA The Old Gray Mare)  popularity ain’t what it used to be.  She may do the Gov more harm than good lending her support.

You can always tell the quality of a person by the company they keep.

I don’t know if anyone noticed; as of yet, Cuomo has solicited Obama to back him. Probably a good move.

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