Someone is listening to me ….


Florida sheriff to station more armed deputies at schools

Polk County sheriff announces plan to send armed deputies to every elementary school, along with the ones already at every middle and high school.

I did several post on preventative methods of keep our kids safe in schools. It seems that The Polk County sheriff may have read my suggestions.
There are several ways of TRYING to prevent the attacks/slaughters at our schools.
Number one; is a vigilant community. Most of the time these sick in the head wackos tell someone of their intentions, post something on a social media or leak it out in some manner before they pull the plug. People have to be proactive. Too many of them are afraid of getting involved. This is probably the most efficient manner of prevention.
Number two;  give law enforcement the authority to make arrests before the fact. A good offense is a great defense. The intent should be as significant as the crime.

Intent to commit a crime

In criminal law, intent is one of three general classes of mens rea necessary to constitute a conventional, as opposed to strict liability, crime. A more formal, generally synonymous legal term is scienter: intent or knowledge of wrongdoing.
I can just hear the screams and panic of the PC-ers. They do NOT want to arrest illegal criminals; so why would they sanction the arrest of someone that INTENDS to commit a crime.
Number three; post well-trained, well armed guards at all school entrances and exits. One door in and one door out.  It may be an inconvenience for some students to walk further because of the layout of the entrance; BUTT what is the lesser of two evils? Walk a little further or get killed? I will take door #1.
In 2014 there were approximately 140,000 schools in the USA – for the sake of conversation, let us say there now are 150,000.
By placing 2 – 3  armed, well trained guards at each school, the government can put  close to 500,000 ex-military or other qualified people to work. It may sound like a gigantic and very expensive undertaking, BUTT what is more important, saving the lives of our kids or pissing away trillions of tax dollars to foreign countries? I hate to hear the answer of some politicians.
Unless drastic measures are taken; as we have witnessed, these copy cat actions of the sickos is going to continue.  Is it a fool-proof way of prevention?? Nothing is 100%, BUTT it is a far cry from what we now have.
Is it a shame we have to resort to these kinds of tactics to prevent future slaughters? Absolutely, BUTT I don’t see anyone coming up with anything better. Drastic times call for drastic measures.
Some may say my suggestion ridiculous. Does anyone have a better solution??

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