Starbucks is a punk

New Starbucks policy: No purchase needed to sit in cafes

Bend over Starbucks, you have just opened a can of worms. a decision you will soon regret.

While they are at it, they might as well open a free day care and laundry center for all of the squatters.

Starbucks is going to experience endless group of people, many of them unsavory,  coming into the establishment because they have nothing better to do, want to get out of the weather, use their restroom facilities or just to plan bust their balls and squat all day long. Bucks is pathetic.

There may even be a possibility that the squatters are going to drive paying cu$tomers away that do not want to be annoyed by street people and bums.

Where the hell is the backbone some of these establishments are supposed to have?? They are supposed to be running a business not homeless shelter.

Society in general is so afraid of going against the PC, liberal culture it is putrid. They all seem to forget something. Once you give something up, it is very hard if not impossible to get it back. Once they have realized how cowardly they were making the mistake of capitulating, the die has already been cast.

Bend over Bucks; 10993905

you will soon regret your spineless deci$ion and need a little of this to ease the pain!!

Make mine a

  • Tall, Non-Fat Latte With Caramel Drizzle.
  • Grande, Iced, Sugar-Free, Vanilla Latte With Soy Milk.
  • Triple, Venti, Soy, No Foam Latte.
  • Triple, Venti, Half Sweet, Non-Fat, Caramel Macchiato.
  • Decaf, Soy Latte With An Extra Shot And Cream.
  • Tall, Half-Caff, Soy Latte At 120 Degrees.

Hold the calories. I am trying to watch.

God hates a coward; BUTT bullies love them!!

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1 Response to Starbucks is a punk

  1. hocuspocus13 says:

    I stopped going to Starbucks when at random they were investigated for cleanliness

    And 30% of Starbucks had fecal matter in their ice

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