The Nutty Professor

Professor rebuked after vowing to boost female students’ grades to offset gender imbalances

In essence, what the Nutty Professor is professing, women are not as smart as men and need a free boost in the grades to get them over the hump.

According to Liping Liu, the Nutty Professor, he is trying to encourage his female students to go into the field of Information Sciences and the boost in their grades will assist them in making the qualifications. What an insult to the ladies.

It has been a hot topic forever, who is smarter, men or women. I don’t think there has ever been a clear conclusive reached; so we will have to call it a draw. There are some areas that the men upstage the ladies and visa-versa. It is a toss up.

It has been a common practice for SOME police and fire departments around the country to lower the test requirements for minorities so they can pass the test for admission. To start with, it is not fair for the other races that are applying for the jobs. Secondly, it should be a insult to the minorities that someone is insinuating they are not as smart as the rest of the people testing against.

Black applicant protests lowering police entrance exam scores

Black applicant protests lowering police entrance exam scores … can happen in these cases, minorities are incorrectly branded as less qualified when they are …

What do we wind up with; Unqualified people, some carrying guns, with a substandard IQ’s protecting us. In The Nutty Professors case, he wants to saturate the science field with less intelligent people for equality purposes. Possibly that is why some people still think the Moon is made of Swiss Cheese.


In my opinion, women are just as smart as men are in some areas if not smarter.

So to the Nutty Prof; leave well enough alone, the ladies are probably a lot smarter than you.

Liping Liu, Ph.D.
Title: Professor
Dept/Program: Department of Management
Office: CBA 360
Phone: (330) 972-5947
If you care to email Liu with your opinions; I provided you with his contact info.
From what I understand, he  has one of his female students read the email he receives because he suffers from dyslexia. My just be a rumor??

Possibly someone gave Liu a boost in his grades when he was in college and now we are seeing the result of an unnecessary helping hand.

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1 Response to The Nutty Professor

  1. jimallega says:

    Well I agree with his statement but not the lowering of standards.

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