Gina Haspel confirmed as first female director of CIA

Gina Haspel confirmed as first female director of CIA

It’s time to move on with a female at the helm. Let’s see if Gina Haspel, the 1st female to head the CIA can perform the job better than some of her salami predecessors that came before her.

I would think by this time PDT should have his cabinet pretty well established, secured with reliable people that are trustworthy.

I don’t know for sure, but it appears to me that he has had a bigger turn over of any one else that set in the Big Chair.

Time to move on and focus on issues that are productive.

I wonder how long these Federal prosecutors are going to keep chasing PDT trying to hang him with improprieties?

Just imagine what could have been achieved on the positive side with all the time, money and effort these fools put into trying to impeach PDT.

FOLKS, he is here to stay; get uses to it.

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